The Art of the Housemate

1. At first, it takes some getting used to but the friendship between housemates is like no other.

2. You’ll get to know each other really well.

3. You start to feel things for them you’ve never felt before.

4. You might end up living with some of the quirkier members of society.

5. But you learn to love them for it.

6. Some regular personality traits might arise, there’s the clean one.

7. The messy one…

8. The one who loves to party a little too much...

9. And the one who’ll eat any food in the fridge, regardless of whether it belongs to them.

10. You find that you can open up to them about anything.

11. Which can mean nothing is sacred.

12. But it’s fine because you start to give each other really good advice.

13. You might not always see eye to eye.

14. When they leave for the weekend you feel lost.

15. Because you found your pals for life

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