Top 5 Last Minute Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is nearly up on us and let’s face it, you aren’t going to get a reservation or tickets to any impressive events now. Whether you’re looking to woo your long time love or a date has appeared just in time we have some top ideas for wowing your special someone with no booking needed.

  1. The Breakfast Club

Instagram - ckleinkelly

Instagram- ckleinkelly

With restaurants dotted around the Capital and pancakes stacked to perfection The Breakfast Club provides a delicious start to the day of loving ahead. Expect retro décor and American style dining with a relaxed atmosphere to distract from first date jitters.

  1. Get the Thames River Bus

Instagram - James Welly

Why cram on the tube when you can see stunning city views on the River Bus? We recommend starting at Greenwich to take in the spectacular sights of Tower Bridge as you pass through. Oyster Cards are accepted and there are usually plenty of seats to get cosy on.

  1. The V&A Museum

London is full of some of the best free museums imaginable. The Victoria and Albert Museum has a romanticism with gorgeous architecture and interiors. Grab a hot drink from the beautiful tea room (pictured) while a pianist plays to the diners at the weekends.

Get to enjoy this great place, then come home to something even better!

  1. Take Advantage of The Royal Festival Hall’s Picnic Area

Instagram- bastian_mitch

So the Southbank Centre is great we all know this, a mid-century staple of post-modern style with all kinds of unusual events going on. If you don’t fancy waiting hours for a table at a no bookings policy restaurant, make your Valentine a picnic and enjoy it together in their special picnic area on floor 3.

  1. Enjoy Rooftop Drinks at Madison’s Roof Terrace

We can’t promise this won’t be a busy location on Valentine’s Day but the views are breath-taking at Madison on the roof terrace. Overlooking St Paul’s with an impressive cocktail menu this is a highly recommended destination for any date.