Houseshare VS renting on your own

After graduating I shared a house with 2 other professionals in London for 3 years.

Thinking I was too old to house share, I moved out and rented with my own one-bedroom flat, as soon as I could afford to over the rent on my own.

A year later.

Tired of the hassle I moved back to house sharing. Here’s why:

  1. A professional landlord: buy-to-lets were all the rage before 2008. So most people were buying second properties to pay for their retirement plans. My landlord spent most of his time in France, so for any appliance repairs, it was a task to get hold of him. And he would turn up randomly, to check the flat when I was at work.It’s evitable that appliances may need fixing. Landlords who offer shared living tend to see renting to you as a service, so they’re on-hand to resolve issues.
  2. Better use of my time - with professional shared living, the landlord organises utilities and service providers (electricity, gas, internet, ASK ABOUT TV LICENSES). This is great as I don’t have to search for deals and organize myself. There are no hidden changes and nasty surprises.
  3. Houseshare Power – almost like living in a serviced apartment with atmosphere and character. Your landlord is looking after multiple-yous and they want happy tenants. They’re used to dealing with issues and resolving asap. It makes life easier for everyone.
  4. Furniture – this was a huge saving for me. My one bed had the basic stuff though wasn’t good quality. I had to waste so much money to live in a comfortable space. With house sharing the landlords are better equipped.
  5. Save money – on rent. On bills. On furniture. Oh and then there’s the less obvious cost of travel - houseshares tend to have central locations.
  6. More energy – with house sharing I’m closer to work and don’t have to wake up so early for a long commute to work each day.
  7. Up to date – again the landlord views you as a client and wants you to be happy. They keep the places clean and up to date with modern appliances + decorating.
  8. Have a life - I actually feel like I have a life. I get home from work at a reasonable time and have full evenings. I can go to the gym, cook dinner, check Facebook and have a couple of laughs with my flatmates or even go for a pint (providing they’re around) all in one evening.

So for smarter and easier living, I don’t care if the norm says that I shouldn’t be sharing in my 30s.

Give me convenience and a hassle free renting experience any day.

Welcome to Shared Living !