My Top 4 Tips To What Makes A Good House Share

Having shared myself and run Ideal Rooms for over 10 years here our top 4 suggestions to what makes a good house share:

  1. Make sure you have a landlord that cares – are you there to cover their mortgage and are they taking your living needs seriously? Are you just another number or a human being? Pay attention to how they treat you before you move in.
  2. Look for smooth operations – bills. When you’re sharing working out bills can be a real pain. I once had a housemate who never paid her share of the bills. The landlord would ask me to chase? This includes services such as sky and internet too.Find out how your landlord or letting agent organise this – it’s a huge time save and money save if they can help.
  3. Cleaning & Maintaining outside spaces – we’re all different. What may be clean to messy Ed from Glasgow, may not be for you – so to get around this you organize a cleaner. Though it’s down to you find, interview and organize the cleaner, and then make sure that Ed pays his share.Or if you have a garden, you’re the one who is always cleaning the garden. Life is much simpler when your landlord deals with it all.
  4. Easy-going flatmates – you probably don’t know who you’ll be sharing with. Some people may become life-long friends (think Friends) others may not. Either way you don’t want housemate issues

The best way to make sure that they’re no dramas ahead is to find out who your landlord tends to rent to – at Ideal Rooms we look after graduates and professionals. So our clients share with like-minded people.

My team and I are here to help and make your house-sharing experience, as smooth as possible – from the properties that we choose and their up-keep to finding you like-minded people to share with.

Drop us a note or give us a call to arrange a viewing.

Welcome to Shared Living !