Why Islington Is A Cool Place To Live In

There is one word that describes the vibe in Islington. Cool.

In fact, if you lived in Islington and I challenged you to find cool things to: do, see, eat, drink and hang out in – all you’d have to do is step outside your door.

Some facts

  • Islington is one the oldest and smallest boroughs in London. It only covers over 6 square miles.
  • Outsiders are unaware, of its canal system, Georgian squares, New River Walk and that the Highbury fields are on the of the oldest and largest open spaces in the London.
  • With easy transport links, you can get around London in minutes. However when I lived in Islington, my house mates and I only ventured out when we needed to; which was mostly for work.

Why It’s So Cool?

Unique. No other borough has so many independent cafes, shops, restaurants, bars, a huge choice on the performing arts, vintage markets, a museum and stuff to do outdoors too.

Here’s how a typical Saturday could look…picture the scene with me:


It’s a bit overcast outside, it’s 10 am and you’re just up. Your flatmate, John suggests strolling down to Upper Street for a coffee at Madam Chi’s Coffee lounge on Upper Street, though you fancy a full English and suggest the Breakfast Club on Camden Passage, which is 2 minutes away.

After breakfast you decide to catch up with the weekend papers by a roaring fire, (the temperature has dropped) at the King’s Head Theatre Pub. There you bump into Vickie; you met Vickie locally at a gig at the Union Chapel one night. (she actually went to the same Uni as you (funny that)) and now she works a Bloomberg in the City.

In between AM + PM

She tells you that there are drinks at the Bar With No Name at 8pm (yes it is really called that) at 8pm; an interesting crowd going and that you should come along. You tell you that her that you’ll be going to the Estorick Collection (a gallery of modern Italian art) for an Aperitivo Evening (drinks before dinner) with your housemate Anna and sure you’ll both join later.

Just then John calls and tells you that he has tickets that are a steal to watch Arsenal play at the Emirates stadium. You’re not a Gunners fan though when John gets last minute cheap tickets, you go along. Something about live games…and well it’s Islington’s local team playing at their impressive stadium.

This time round, you pass. As you want to catch up with some chores (not many as your landlord has their own cleaner come in) and besides you like to while away Saturday afternoons, people watching and meandering around Islington and buying some fresh fruit and veg from chapel market…(yes we have our very own real London market and on Sunday’s it’s a farmer’s market).

PM (well technically it’s AM)

As you walk your way home, 2am, you think about your life now and the night.

It’s been a good night. Loads of laughs, food, drinks. Life here is like being at Uni, though there’s more, you can do now you’re not student-broke. You met this cool girl called Sally who you’re taking on a date to the Screen on the Green on Tuesday night, after she told that Sex Pistols played a gig there once...

Living in Islington is cool.

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